Get Shutter Parts from Shutter Medic

Fixing your wood shutters really is easy!

You can now Get Shutter Parts from Shutter Medic. We sell a variety of replacement parts for interior, wood plantation shutters such as replacement shutter staples, shutter magnets, shutter catches, louver pins, and tension kits for those floppy louvers, and more! 

Whether you need to replace a damaged louver or simply want to change your wood shutter hardware, you can now get shutter parts from

Wood Shutter Repair Videos

Get Shutter Staples

It is not uncommon for wood shutter staples to become loose and fall out of your wood shutter.  Replacing them is an easy task that can be accomplished by any homeowner.

Get Wood Louver Kits

Removing an old damaged wood louver and replacing it with a new one can now be accomplished using our custom made louver replacement kits for your wood shutter.

Get a Shutter Tension Kit

Shutter Medic now sells repair kits for wood shutters that have louvers that don't stay in place.  Because the weight of the tilt bar has a tendency to drag the louvers down in a closed position, wood shutters that lose their tension need some help. By installing our wood shutter tension kit, you will have shutters that will stay where you want them to!

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